SecurityAnalysis.add_monitored_elements(contingency_context_type=pypowsybl._pypowsybl.ContingencyContextType.ALL, contingency_ids=None, branch_ids=None, voltage_level_ids=None, three_windings_transformer_ids=None)[source]#

Add elements to be monitored by the sensitivity analysis. The sensitivity analysis result will provide additional information for those elements, like the power and current values.

  • contingency_context_type (pypowsybl._pypowsybl.ContingencyContextType) – Defines if the elements should be monitored for all state, only N situation or only specific contingencies

  • contingency_ids (Optional[Union[List[str], str]]) – list of contingencies for which we want to monitor additional elements

  • branch_ids (Optional[List[str]]) – list of branches to be monitored

  • voltage_level_ids (Optional[List[str]]) – list of voltage levels to be monitored

  • three_windings_transformer_ids (Optional[List[str]]) – list of 3 winding transformers to be monitored

Return type: